Refund Policy

If the plugin or theme is not working properly and development of the plugin fails. And we also fail to help you, then in that case you will get your money back into your account. If the plugin development is working properly and there are no issues with the plugins, themes, support and development. then you will not get the money back.

the nature of digital media that once a plugin or theme had been added the client cannot return it. Due to this, all payments are non-refundable and any disputes will be denied without any communication.

While we can fully assure you of the best possible 24×7 access to our website sometimes downtime can happen due to technical reasons, which can hamper the services. In order to understand such minor issues you need to subscribe for a month and then if you think any doubts may be there then you can go for longer subscription but if you think you can deal with things so there is no need to spend more.